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Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Omaha Storm Chasers

As expected, Paul Janish is a Storm Chaser. It appears he is their starting SS. He's wearing #21.

The Storm Chasers are a real old-timey team. The players all wear their socks high, with real stirrups. And they are all required to be clean-shaven. Janish no longer looks like a Geico caveman. (For some reason, the Sky Sox were all growing their beards out. To ZZ Top-like lengths.)

Janish got off to a decent start yesterday...against his previous team. The Storm Chasers are playing a series against the Sky Sox. Janish went 1 for 3 with a walk.

The announcers joked that Janish might have wanted to come to Omaha because that's where he won the College World Series with Rice. (Apparently, they asked him about it. He said he hadn't been back there since.) But the real reason, according to them, is that he's hoping he'll have a better chance of cracking the big league roster with the Royals.

Seems like he's pretty far down the Royals depth chart, but I guess anything's better than Colorado. They are out of contention and appear resigned to it. Which means they have no reason not to stick with Rutledge and Culberson, even if something happens to Tulowitzki.


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