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Thursday, July 17, 2014

CBS Sports Network

Today is still sadly baseball-less when it comes to big league games, but AAA has started up again. The CBS Sports Network's "Minor League Game of the Week" airs tonight at 9pm ET. It's the Omaha Storm Chasers at the New Orleans Zephyrs. Paul Janish is starting at SS for the Storm Chasers.

Former Reds prospect Donnie Joseph is a Zephyr. The Reds had really high hopes for him at one point, but traded him for established reliever Jonathan Broxton.

Apparently, the Royals traded him to the Marlins. Joseph was a Storm Chaser not long ago.

Update: I just noticed Josh Rodriguez is New Orleans' third baseman. I'm kind of surprised he hasn't gotten more of a shot. He's put up some decent numbers in AAA.


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