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Thursday, September 20, 2012


No real news today, just a bit more detail. From

Gonzalez seemed less optimistic about Janish, who dislocated his left shoulder while making a diving stop on a Carlos Lee infield single in the ninth inning Tuesday. Janish wasn't with the team Wednesday, as he was catching a flight back to Atlanta so he could meet with team orthopedist Dr. Xavier Duralde on Thursday. "We don't know anything until [Thursday evening] about the shoulder," Gonzalez said. Janish will undergo a series of tests with Dr. Duralde to determine if he needs surgery, which would end his season, or if he just needs to rehab the shoulder and have a chance to return for the playoffs. Janish said after the game Tuesday that he has dislocated the shoulder at least eight or nine times in the past, but was able to pop it back into the socket on his own each time. That wasn't the case Tuesday, as he needed help to get it back into place. "When you manipulate it to go back in, that's when you can do some damage to the shoulder area," Gonzalez said. "They're going to do all the tests, whatever they got to do. He won't play for a while right now. He won't play for a while because it's significant."
Sounds like Janish was a bit over-optimistic when he said he'd only be out a few days. Hopefully he doesn't need surgery. Shoulder surgery is no bueno. Braves beat writer David O'Brien said via Twitter that they won't know more about Janish's situation until tomorrow. Fingers crossed that he'll be able to return for the post-season.


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