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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More details

David O'Brien posted some quotes at his blog, including some from Janish about his injury.

Fredi said you’d dislocated your shoulder before?

“Yeah, this time it actually dislocated and got stuck out. I’ve had that happen before where it subluxes my shoulder when I dive, and usually it just slides back in. It still hurts but it’s kind of something you just kind of shimmy in and deal with it. This is the first time I ever had it stuck and not be able to get it back in. When I got back up here [to the clubhouse] they popped it back in, which was a little painful, too, but at least it was immediate relief.”

“It’s usually sore for a few days, but it’s not too bad.”

So this has happened multiple times in the past?

“I’ve probably done it eight or nine times before, but never stuck, never got actually dislocated. But I’ll be fine.”

On X-rays

“Everything looked fine.”

So day-to-day?

“Yeah, I think so” (He said this as he was being led away to the training room for further treatment.)

Manager Fredi Gonzalez seemed a bit less optimistic:

“We’ll know more tomorrow, but in those situations where you’ve got to pop it back in, there’s tissue that gets torn or whatever. We’ll know more tomorrow, but it’s not a good injury. It’s a [shame]. You put him in there to play defense and he makes a hell of a play, and he hurts himself. But we’ll see tomorrow. I hope it’s nothing major. He’s had it before, maybe not to this extent. This one didn’t pop back in by itself. [Trainer Jeff Porter] had to manipulate it back in. That’s when you kind of do some damage when you manipulate it back in.”

With the expanded roster, there's no reason to DL him. But they're probably going to want him to be 100% before they put him on the postseason roster. Hopefully he heals up quick.


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