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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Janish hopes to be back in a few days

Paul Janish went into the game as a LIDR tonight...only to leave with an injury after the first ball hit to him. He made a nice diving stop, but didn’t get up to throw it. Kind of flipped it behind him to 2B. Pretty nice flip, actually, but not fast enough to get the runner.

They showed it in slow motion, and you could see he tried to push himself up with his left arm to throw the ball, and just collapsed. He was holding his wrist as he left, but the announcers thought it was his shoulder.

He looked like he was in a lot more pain than when he broke his wrist. He was hunched over like an old man as he left the field.

It might not be as bad it looked, though. I thought his season was over, watching it. However, Braves beat writer David O'Brien says Janish was sent for x-rays, and they were good. Janish says he's had partial dislocations 8-9 times before, though this was the first time they had to pop it back in. He hopes to be back in a few days.

Kind of unfortunate timing; starting shortstop Andrelton Simmons is dealing with a sore shoulder, so Janish might have gotten some playing time if healthy. But there's hope, at least, that he'll be back in time for the post-season, or even sooner.


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