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Monday, September 10, 2012

Defensive Player of the Month: Paul Janish

US Presswire/Daniel Shirey picked Paul Janish as the Defensive Player of the Month for August.

Janish and his mates on the left side of the Braves infield had a particularly good month. They combined to turn 77 percent of ground balls hit to the left of the second base bag into outs. The major-league average was 72 percent. In raw numbers, the Braves' left side was about 11 plays better than expected on those balls for the month.

The key to that was Janish, as evidenced by this: At month’s end, Baseball Info Solutions credited him with eight Defensive Runs Saved, the most by any player at that position in August.

The Braves wanted a good glove, and that's what they got in Paul Janish.

Janish has not been playing much lately. With the expanded roster giving Fredi Gonzalez more options, he's been starting less and being used as a LIDR more. With Andrelton Simmons being activated today, Janish will probably be getting even less playing time, since Simmons doesn't need a defensive replacement.

But Janish has played well enough that the Braves have released Jack Wilson. I'm guessing he has a good shot of being the backup SS next year, and probably during the post-season this year.


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