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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Paul Janish, boozing it up

The Braves clinched a postseason spot last night. Well, a wild card spot at least. It was at home, so Paul Janish got to join in the celebration. Would have been a bummer if it was an away game, since I don't think he's traveling with the team.

The photo makes him look like a wino or something, since a groundskeeper is the only other person in the frame. But I suspect he was out there with some teammates, high-fiving fans and spraying them with champagne, as the Reds did earlier this year and in 2010.

As for whether he'll be ready to play in the sounds like they still aren't sure.

Gonzalez said backup shortstop Paul Janish will likely require surgery in the offseason to repair the dislocated shoulder he suffered diving for a ball in the ninth inning last Tuesday. The Braves are still hopeful, however, that Janish will be able to get healthy enough to be available for the National League Division Series, should they advance that far.
Looks like they've ruled out the one-game play-off for him. And surgery...yikes. Even if he does heal in time, you gotta wonder how well he'll be able to play with his unstabilized shoulder. Those diving stops are a trademark of his, but will it doesn't seem like a good idea before his shoulder his fully repaired.

Hope for the best, I guess...


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