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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Better than steroids, and legal?

From LiveScience:

Cooling Glove 'Better than Steroids' Lends Athletes a Hand

A cooling glove resembling a high-tech oven mitt has proven it can boost sports performance to levels beyond steroid users' wildest dreams — to the point where college and professional teams have already begun adopting the technology for their athletes.

The plastic glove cools a network of veins in human palms that typically act as radiators to expel heat from the body, according to Stanford University News. Such cooling appears to practically erase muscle fatigue regardless of the exercises done — pull-ups, bench presses, running or cycling.

"Equal to or substantially better than steroids … and it's not illegal," said Dennis Grahn, a biologist at Stanford University and co-inventor of the cooling glove.

No reference to baseball teams using this yet, but if it really works, it probably won't be long.


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