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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

After the Break

Paul Janish's role with the Louisville Bats is likely to change after the break. Kris Negron suffered what's rumored to be a season-ending injury last week. Didi Gregorius will be promoted from AA to take his spot. He's likely to get the majority of starts at SS.

I'd guess Janish will play other positions: 3B, 2B, perhaps even some OF. The Reds seem to see him as a utility guy now, and he seems willing to accept that role. Getting some actual practice in other positions would be a good thing. Due to injuries and such, he's had to play mainly SS this year, but Didi's promotion will likely change that.

Also, the Bats are auctioning off the Redbirds jerseys worn last Saturday, including Janish's. Minimum bid is $100. Auction runs 10 days.

Might be a bit of a tough sell for Reds fans, though. I mean, those are Cardinals uniforms!


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