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Monday, June 18, 2012

Shaking off the rust

Paul Janish has started every game since he was activated. He's gotten on base at least once in each of the four games. A walk and a hit by pitch; a single; a walk and a reached on error; a double and a walk.

Last night's double was his first extra base hit since being activated. He also just missed a home run (it went foul). And had a spectacular defensive play (turned his back to the infield, ran out to center, and laid out to make a diving catch).

He's looked a little rusty to me, at the plate and in the field, but that's expected after being off for over a month. Nothing a few more games won't fix.

He's batting second tonight. His spot was 7th before he went on the DL. Even when he was blistering hot they didn't bat him any higher than 6th. Dunno if they want him to get more at-bats, or if they just don't have anyone else to bat second.


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