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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane Irene

The Reds are playing a doubleheader today, because Hurricane Irene is expected to rain out the scheduled game tomorrow. (Northeasterners - forget about the earthquake, worry about the hurricane.)

Edgar Renteria is in the lineup for game one - his first start since straining his groin a week ago.

Paul Janish will probably start in game 2. Mark Sheldon notes:

In a somewhat limited sample size vs. Marlins Game 2 starter Chris Volstad, only one Reds player has a home run. It’s Paul Janish, who is 2-for-3 in his previous encounter against Volstad.

Janish still doesn't have a home run in the big leagues this season. He's really struggling. He's gotten a second, even a third chance this year, with the injuries to Zack Cozart and Edgar Renteria, but has been unable to do anything with the opportunities. He hit pretty well in July, after getting called up from Louisville, but his August has been abysmal.

I gotta think it's a mental thing at this point. I suspect all he really needs is to relax and be a little more confident, but that's easier said than done.


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