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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Playing with plastic

Interesting item here from the photographer the Cincinnati Enquirer sent to spring training. He bought a Holga - a very cheap Chinese camera with a plastic lens, beloved for the old-fashioned, artsy images it takes - and used it to take some baseball photos.

I was never really interested in the whole lomography/toy camera thing, but looking at his images, I can see the appeal. Almost makes me want to try it.

He got a Holga 135, which has the advantage of using 35mm film. It's not rated very well at Amazon; most people seem to prefer the medium format Holga 120N. The film is more difficult to find and get developed, though; you would generally have to do it by mail, rather than at the corner drugstore.

But that reminds me of a big reason why I'm not interested in toy cameras. Ugh, messing around with film. It's so expensive - not just to buy, but to get developed. That's one thing I really love about digital. You can take as many pictures as you want, and it won't cost any extra unless you decide to print them. It really frees you to experiment, because the cost for failures is zero.


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