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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Janish makes the opening day lineup

Paul Janish signs for the fans before a spring training game

Dusty Baker has announced his opening day lineup, and hallelujah, Paul Janish is in it. In the latter part of spring training, Dusty alternated Janish and Renteria, and I was half-afraid Renteria would get the start.

I guess I have to give credit where it's due. Dusty has been treating Janish as his starting SS, more or less. Many Reds fans expected Renteria to have won the starting job by now, and as recently as this morning, many thought it would be Renteria in the opening day lineup.

I'm glad it's Janish, and not just because I think he's the better player at this point. Opening day is special, especially in Cincinnati. I don't think Janish has ever been in the opening day lineup before. While it must be old hat for Renteria.

Meanwhile...if current Rice star Anthony Rendon gets drafted #1, he'll be a Pirate. And at least one Pirate fan likes the idea.


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