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Saturday, March 05, 2011

In like a Lion

Hard to believe it's March already. Thursday was "Girls' Day," at least as celebrated in Hawai`i. Mom didn't give me anything, but I bought myself a present. I finally replaced the broken stereo in my car. I got a Sony. It looks really cool and sounds great. And is pretty cheap for what you get. It's iPod and satellite compatible. Not that I have either an iPod or satellite radio (I prefer to spend my electronics money on camera gear), but who knows, I might get them one day. Very cool to be able to play MP3s off CD or USB flash drives. Especially for long drives; it's nice to not have to switch disks all the time. I should have done this long ago.

On the baseball front...Paul Janish didn't play yesterday. In fact, none of the Reds starters except Ramon Hernandez made the grueling 20-minute trip to Peoria yesterday. (I didn't think that was allowed, for a non-split-squad game.)

However, we did get a report on what they were up to from Brandon Phillips, via Twitter. He said:

At the field in the cold tub talking about baseball and life with my doubleplay partna Janish! Hope I don't drop my phone in the water! LOL

Didn't realize baseball players used cold tubs. I thought that was more a football thing.

Later, BP says he's going to go bowling with Trevor Reckling, and his "bra PJ" is going to go with him. I assume that's Janish.

The starting lineup (including Janish) is taking the field today.


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