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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Making his case

Paul Janish is convincing people that he can be the Reds starting SS. Hal McCoy noted earlier this month that Janish earned some respect from the Pirates when he made them pay for not IBBing him. Yesterday, Janish went 1 for 3 with a double and a beautiful sac bunt on a successful suicide squeeze. I was amazed that he managed to even make contact on the pitch, which was a fastball low and inside. Today, he was 1 for 3. With great defense, as always.

He's hitting .275 / .362 / .402 this year. Which is much better than Orlando Cabrera's .260 / .302 / .339. But Cabrera is eligible to come off the DL Wednesday, and I suspect when he does, Janish will go back on the bench. Sigh. I hope not, for Janish's sake as well as the Reds'. His numbers will probably drop a bit once the scouting reports get around, but even so, his defense is so superior they'd be better off with him.


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