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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Captain

Derek Jeter is 36 today. Hard to believe. He was the young kid on the team for so long (not least because of the Yanks' longtime propensity for playing aging veterans over farm kids).

He's had a great career, and is a guaranteed first ballot hall of famer. But 36 is geriatric for a SS. He's never been a great defensive SS, and he's holding up okay so far. (I read somewhere that he's positioning himself deeper, so he has more time to get the ball. With his excellent arm, he can do that. Though it kind of makes you wonder why he didn't do it sooner.)

You have to wonder what the Yankees are going to do with him. After signing A-Rod until he's in his forties, how can the Yankees justify giving Jeter a lesser deal?

But...SS is not a position for aging veterans. And Jeter, unlike A-Rod, isn't the kind of power hitter you can see DHing or moving to 1B or LF. And Jeter has made it clear that he doesn't want to move, and doesn't think he has to. He thinks he can still play SS when he's 40.

Maybe he can. If anyone can, it will be Jeter.

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