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Monday, March 29, 2010

Fungus (No Longer) Among Us

Absolutely nothing to do with baseball or sports. I just thought it was really cool.

Telephone pole-like fungus was tallest ever

The world's tallest fungus, according to a new paper, was the giant Prototaxites, which towered over the Silurian and Devonian landscapes from around 350 to 420 million years ago.

...The ancient fungus didn't closely resemble any modern species, but it looked surprisingly like a familiar man-made structure.

Each of the ancient enormous fungi "formed large trunks with little evidence of branching, so they would have looked like telephone poles of various sizes," co-author Kevin Boyce told Discovery News.

Man, I'd love to see a fungus as tall as a telephone pole. As long as it's not in my refrigerator.


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