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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boonie calls it a career

Aaron Boone is retiring, and taking a broadcasting job with ESPN.

Best of luck to him. He was one of my favorites, even before he acquired a new middle name.

The Yanks got him in a deadline deal. They sent Brandon Claussen, Charlie Manning, and cash to the Reds for Boone. Many fans were upset at losing Claussen, who was the closest thing to a hot prospect Yankee fans had seen in a long time. With Boone in hand, the Yankees were able to trade Robin Ventura to the Dodgers, which upset even more fans. Including me. I couldn't believe they traded Robin Ventura for the likes of Bubba Crosby and Scott Proctor. I, um, came around on the wisdom of the trade.

Boone was a class act. He blew out his knee playing basketball, and admitted it. Which cost him millions. Because his contract banned basketball, the Yanks didn't have to pay him. They also suddenly needed a third baseman, and signed A-Rod. If Boone hadn't gotten hurt, A-Rod might be a Red Sock now.

The Yankees obviously appreciated Boone's candor, because they tried to sign him again a couple of years later, as a backup infielder. (Though he went to Cleveland instead, where he could be an everyday player.)

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