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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hot stove rumors

A lot of trade rumors today. I hope they're not true, because for the most part, I don't like them.

Baseball Prospectus has an interview with Terry Reynolds, the Cincinnati Reds' Director of Player Development. He had this to say about Paul Janish:

DL: Three of the more highly-regarded young shortstops in the organization are Zach Cozart, Paul Janish, and Chris Valaika. You probably aren’t willing to say which one it is, but does the organization view any one of the three as the most likely to become the Reds’ long-term shortstop?

TR: Um … I would say that the answer to that is yes. But it is a luxury to have all three, and the nice thing is that behind them we have Kris Negron, Miguel Rojas, [Billy] Hamilton and [Mariekson] Gregorius. We’ve got some depth at that position, and this is the first time since I’ve been here that I’ve been able to say that. So it’s a nice position to be in, and Paul Janish is a major-league shortstop. Until I hear different, he’s the guy. That’s the assumption I’m going under, and I would say that it’s his job to lose.

Meanwhile, at Red Reporter, they are discussing the merits of signing Orlando Cabrera vs. staying in-house with Janish. Former sports writer Tim Stephens says:

Janish and Maicer Izturis put up somewhat similar slash lines in the minors. Izturis went on to be a respectable hitter. There’s hope for Janish with the bat. His glove could well be more of a difference maker than Cabrera’s bat.

Others point out that Cabrera is projected for a 0.5 WAR and Janish for 1.3. Cabrera may have a better bat, but it's not good enough to make up for his poor defense. Janish's defense is so good he'll pull his weight even if he doesn't hit.

And yet...MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that the Reds are pursuing Orlando Cabrera. Arrrghhh. Why??? How can a team that's always complaining about having no money throw $3 million at an aging player who's worse than their in-house option?

And you'd think they'd know better. The Reds have been repeatedly burned on overpriced veterans: Mike Stanton, Alex Gonzalez, Corey Patterson, Willy Taveras. You'd think they'd realize they need to look in-house, or at least at inexpensive minor leaguers. I swear, if they sign O-Cab I'll know Jocketty's brain-dead.

And on the Yankees front...Joel Sherman reports that Yankees are still interested in acquiring a right-handed outfielder. Perhaps Marcus Thames, Rocco Baldelli, or Jonny Gomes.

That would mean an awfully crowded outfield. Sherman suggests Gardner could be sent down...or traded. He says the Reds, Padres, White Sox and Royals have all expressed interest in having Gardner be their starting CFer.

I find it really odd that the Reds would be interested in Gardner. Don't get me wrong, I love Gardy, but the Reds have in-house options that are as good or better. Drew Stubbs, their 2006 first round draft pick, was called up last season and was pretty impressive for a rookie. And Chris Heisey awaits in Louisville. Neither of them is a proven major league starter, but neither is Gardner at this point. The Reds have a wealth of outfielders; why would they be interested in Gardner?

Ugh. I'm going to be bummed if Gardner is traded or Janish is benched.


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