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Friday, August 14, 2009

A break for Janish?

Holy geez. Right after I post about Janish not getting any playing time...the Reds traded their starting SS, Alex Gonzalez, to the Red Sox. I guess Nick Green has not been very good with the glove. A-Gon is remembered fondly for his slick fielding the year he was in Boston. (I think they may be disappointed now. Shortstops don't age well. And he's had serious knee injuries that seem to have crippled his range.)

Regardless, that leaves Paul Janish the only real shortstop left on the Reds' roster. A lot of fans want to see Brandon Phillips moved from 2B to SS, but I really don't see the Reds doing that, at least not now. Drew Sutton has played mostly 2B and 3B in the minors. Adam Rosales started out as a SS, but they moved him to 3B in recent years. Barker and Votto are strictly first basemen.

I suppose it's possible Dusty will start Adam Rosales (after Rolen gets back) or the switch-hitting Sutton at SS, but I think he's reluctant to play people out of position. Janish may finally get his chance.

So far, so good. Janish is starting at SS and batting in the two-hole tonight.


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