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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Yankee Stadium Wind Tunnel

There have been 20 home runs in the first four games at the new Yankee Stadium. That is ridiculous. Most of the home runs went out over the short right porch. Accu-Weather has an analysis that blames the stands, not the fence. Their theory is that the higher stands force the wind over and down, then up and out. While the wind had a swirling motion in the old stadium.

If this is what's happening, they predict that the new stadium will be a launching pad only in spring and fall. The wind tends to die down in the summer. No wind, no wind tunnel.

Andy Phillips is playing first base and batting cleanup tonight. Still don't know what number he's wearing. He must have a jersey number, since he's been playing in games, but they haven't updated the roster to show it.

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