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Saturday, April 04, 2009


Paul Janish, dubbed "Soft-J" by Trent (then the Cincinnati Post Reds beat writer), is still hanging in there. The Reds have 30 players on their roster, and took all of them north. They have to be down to 25 by Sunday. Janish is in the mix for a utility infielder job.

He's seen as having a superior glove, but a light bat. He's kind of a skinny guy, and has trouble keeping his weight up. (That's a problem many people - even many baseball players - wish they had.) They told him build up his hand and wrist strength, hoping to increase his power.

I once applied to be a special agent for the FBI. They told me to build up my hand strength. They take the shells out of a gun, then tell you to fire it as many times as you can, with each hand. I passed with my right hand, but not my left. So they gave me a racquetball and told me to squeeze it while watching TV or whatever.

Not sure how you build up wrist strength. I probably had plenty of wrist strength back then, anyway. I was working in a deli after school, and had to carry 40-60 lb. trays of beef several times a day. I had muscles I never knew existed popping out of my wrists. (Someone told me they were "milkmaid's muscles" - because you see them in people who milk cows.)

Anyways, I'm rooting for Janish to make the roster. I really think the Reds could use a good glove at SS, and he's by far the best they have at the moment. It's come down to him or Adam Rosales. Rosales has a better bat, but is not as good on defense. The Reds are kind of hurting for offense this year, so they might prefer Rosales.

Starting SS Alex Gonzalez is playing very well today in a exhibition game against the Reds minor leaguers. I imagine this means he'll be the opening day starter. Which means either Janish or Rosales will be sent down this weekend. They both have options left, so might be traveling back and forth between Louisville and Cincinnati, no matter which one wins the job.


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