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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rice to host NFL game?

Texans considering Rice Stadium for next home game

HOUSTON (AP) - Houston Texans owner Bob McNair has discussed the possibility of his team playing at Rice Stadium if repairs to Reliant Stadium from Hurricane Ike can't be made in time for its first home game on Oct. 5.

The stadium's retractable roof lost five pieces in the storm and officials said large pieces of debris had fallen into the stadium.

...Rice Stadium holds 47,000 in its current configuration, but the tarps could be moved off the end zone seating to expand the capacity to 70,000. It was opened in 1950 and hosted the Super Bowl in 1974.

Meanwhile, they're now saying power might not be restored for weeks in the hard-hit coastal areas. There's no water or working sewers. Many survivors are leaving voluntarily, and authorities are talking about forcibly removing those who are left, for public health reasons.

A friend of mine who is from Texas says the National Weather Service should have used stronger language. Threatening those who stayed with "certain death" wasn't enough; they should have told them they faced weeks without air-conditioning. That would have gotten them to evacuate.

Or maybe they should have consulted Carlos Zambrano. He knows how to get everyone in Houston out.

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