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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Phillips out, Phillips in

The Reds' starting second baseman, Brandon Phillips, broke his finger trying to bunt last night. He is likely out for the rest of the season. Starting in his place today was Andy Phillips. I don't know if Andy will be playing 2B every day, but Dusty has indicated that he'd rather play veterans than kids, so I suspect Andy will be getting a lot more playing time.

Meanwhile, Texas is preparing for Hurricane Ike. (Uh, boy. A lot of oil production is still offline from Gustav, and we have another hurricane headed for oil country.) Ike's track has swung around quite a bit, from New Orleans to the Texas/Mexico border. Today, it's looking like it might hit Galveston/Houston. Possibly as a Cat. 4 (though maybe only a high 2/low 3). The nightmare scenario would be a sudden shift in path and increase in intensity (as happened with Katrina and Charley). Evacuating a large city like Houston on short notice would extremely difficult.

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