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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Free Baseball!

No, really. MiLB.TV is free for the playoffs. No SWB Yankees tonight, because they're playing Pawtucket, which doesn't have TV coverage. But you should be able to see them tomorrow, when they return to Scranton to finish the series.

If they beat Pawtucket, they will host the Louisville Bats or Durham Bulls (depending on who wins that series). I may go see one of those games in person.

Hurricane Gustav was (thankfully) not as bad as feared. It weakened unexpectedly after crossing Cuba. Still did a lot of damage to the Gulf Coast, and New Orleans' levees barely held. Gasoline might be a little tight in the coming days. A lot was used by people evacuating the coast, and the refineries and pipelines were down for awhile due to the massive power outages down there. (Some refineries are still down.)

The scary thing is there's plenty more where Gustav came from. A whole slew of storms is lined up in the Atlantic, with more likely to form behind them. Ike looks like it's going to be a killer if it makes landfall in the US. (Way too early to tell if it will or not.)

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