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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Andy Phillips starting at third

Andy hasn't gotten as much playing time as I thought he would after his "brother" Brandon broke his finger. Dusty Baker started him the first night, but since then has started a different player at second every night. And he's got a lot of infielders on hand, what with the expanded roster.

However, Andy is starting at 3B tonight. Edwin Encarnacion was a late scratch. He injured his wrist on a check swing yesterday, and found during BP today that he just couldn't finish his stroke. The Reds have nothing to play for at this point, so I imagine they'll be careful with him. Could be more playing time for Andy.

Though he's not off to a good start. Already has a throwing error.

And MLB has released the 2009 schedule. The Yanks' schedule is here. And the Reds are opening against the Mets. (The Reds always open at home.)

UPDATE: Andy Phillips hit a home run tonight! Jay Bruce hit one right after Andy for back to back homers, and Paul Janish homered in the same inning. The Reds scored all their runs in that inning, all on solo homers. They won, 3-0.

Andy celebrates the victory by high-fiving Jeff Keppinger

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UPDATE 2: wake caja up when next season's here...
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