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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Andy Phillips did all right in one of his rare appearances in the starting lineup, but the Reds were thoroughly humiliated. I really think they've given up.

Andy was 1 for 4, but almost had a nice 2-RBI double. He smoked it, but Erstad robbed him, making a diving catch at the warning track.

The Yankees lost again today, meaning the Halos swept them. Not terribly surprising. Even when the Yanks were good, the Angels were their nemesis.

Mo threw only one pitch. Betemit let the walkoff seeing-eye single go by. To be fair, Betemit isn't really used to playing 1B.

Justin Christian started in CF today, and Melky Cabrera didn't even get in the game. Maybe Girardi's decided to go with a platoon in center.

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