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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crunch Time

It's "We're All Doomed" day on The History Channel. They've been running documentaries about the end of the world all day. Mayan prophecy, asteroid hit, global warming, Nostradamus, you name it. They're currently running a new documentary about peak oil. Puts things into perspective, I guess. No need to worry about who's being traded or where Bubba's going to play, because we're all doomed!

It is getting down to crunch time, and things are finally starting to move. Bedard is going to Seattle. (I'd rather he go to the NL, but at least he's out of the division now.)

Still no official word on Santana, though MLB Trade Rumors reports he'll be traded within ten days. Also:

The Yankees, Red Sox and Mets are still in the mix. Whoever satisfies Minnesota with a trade offer must then pony up six years and $150 million for the lefthander.

They also report a rumor that the Red Sox have pulled Lester off the table. The Twins probably prefer Ellsbury anyway. Though I still don't think the Sox are serious. They're just trying to drive up the price for the Yankees.

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they found chucky
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