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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Return of A-Rod?

The New York papers are all abuzz with the rumor that A-Rod and the Yankees are in contract talks. Supposedly, the Yankees laid down two conditions: A-Rod must make up the money Texas would have paid them had he not declared free agency, and Boras is not allowed in the room during the talks.

I'm not sure if I buy this or not. A lot of insiders are saying A-Rod is as good as back in pinstripes. OTOH, others smell a rat. The Yankees couldn't legally exclude Boras unless A-Rod fires him. Maybe it's just gamesmanship. I don't think A-Rod really wants to come back to the Yankees, but he doesn't want to look like a jerk, either...which is what he looks like, leaving the way he did.

And I don't know how I feel about the possibility of A-Rod returning, either. He's a good player, and the Yankees would be hard-pressed to replace him. They'll probably end up trading away a lot of young players trying.

OTOH, I'm just so tired of A-Rod, and the constant drama around him. I'm ready for a change, and I think he is, too. It might be best for all concerned if he moves on.

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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, November 14, 2007 6:43 PM  
the Yanks' depth chart looks weird: no catcher, Betemit at 3B, and Farns listed as the closer. Check it out at
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, November 14, 2007 6:46 PM  
That is weird. LOL.

I don't know why they bother with a depth chart at this time of year.
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, November 14, 2007 7:28 PM  
damnit. please kill cashman.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, November 15, 2007 3:13 AM  
I don't know if it's Cashman's fault. Sounds like it's the Steinbrenners who made the decision.
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, November 15, 2007 6:36 AM  

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