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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Reds claim Jason Ellison

Reds center fielder Ryan Freel had knee surgery today, and is out for the season. In a related move, the Reds claimed Seattle outfielder Jason Ellison off waivers. He will report tomorrow, and wear #16. (Bubba's number. Sigh.)

It's really too bad Bubba's season was lost to the DL this year. The Reds would have called him up if he were healthy.

The other day, Bats radio announcer Jim Kelch said that Bubba's problem was "shoulder tendinitis." That's the first time they said anything more specific than "shoulder pain."

It's good news, I guess. I assume that means his shoulder surgery was impingement surgery (acromioplasty), which is not as serious as other kinds of shoulder surgery. It has a relatively quick recovery time. Not quick enough that he can come back this season - there's only two months left, and only one month for AAA - but he should be back in the saddle well before spring training.


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Yanks could STILL use Bubba -- a lot of good it does to have a bench full of DH's.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, August 09, 2007 3:43 AM  

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