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Monday, July 16, 2007

Stood Up

No Bubba update tonight after all. Bats trainer Chris Lapole didn't talk to the press today as expected. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow.

The Yankees pulled out a win against the Jays, despite a rocky start by Igawa. Cano was the player of the game, Matsui got the play of the game, but Andy Phillips was the one Kim Jones interviewed on the field. Again. He hit a two-run, go-ahead single that proved to be the game-winner. And played some great defense at 1B.

In the rookie league, the Yanks' young stud catcher, 17-year-old Jesus Montero, homered in his first professional at-bat. Don't ask me why he didn't play until today. There were rumors that he was out for the season with an injury. Maybe he was injured, but he's obviously not out for the season.

Meanwhile, the Reds beat up the Braves. Their pitcher, Bobby Livingston, went 4 for 4. The Reds are definitely playing better since Narron was fired. But the Braves were pretty pathetic. They had the bases loaded a couple of times, and came away empty-handed. Hard to believe they're a contender and the Reds aren't.

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Go Andy!
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