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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I should have taken up philately

Yesterday was the kind of day that makes you glad you're a baseball fan...if you're a masochist. Three games, three ways to lose.

Let's see...first up, the Cincinnati Reds. Lohse was awful. He got the hook in the second inning, but it was too late. The Reds were down by a ton, and the rest of the game was just a formality. It made for a long, awful game.

Next up, the Yankees. The game was close throughout, but given the Yanks' recent performance, it seemed out of reach. And it was. It was an almost playoff-like game, with superior pitching and defense giving the Mets the 3-2 win.

Then we have the Bats, perhaps the most heartbreaking of all. They were up 7-0 in the 4th. The game seemed well in hand. Hah. Livingston impoded in the 5th, giving up five runs. The Bats' lead was a slender one run by the 9th. Toledo strung together enough singles to tie the game. Unbelievably, the once 7-0 game went to extra innings. And in the bottom of the 10th, with two outs, a wild pitch let the game-winning run score. The Bats somehow snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The radio announcers did mention Bubba's name a few times during the game. They remembered his walkoff fielder's choice on opening day, and his home run off the same pitcher who was on the mound last night.

The medical news is unchanged. It doesn't sound like they expect Bubba back any time soon. They said it would be "weeks" before he's back in the lineup.

And on a personal note...I probably won't be posting quite as often over the next two weeks. No, I'm not giving up on baseball, or Bubba. I'm going on vacation Monday. I'll be toting my laptop, and should have access to free wireless most of the time, but I probably won't be spending as much time following baseball as usual.

I'll be driving out to the midwest to visit friends. I just hope I'll be able to get enough gas. There have been reports of spot gasoline shortages. Mostly in the middle of the country, places like Colorado and Iowa. But the high prices in those areas are drawing tankers from the rest of the country. I heard this morning that some stations in Dallas are out of gas, because their usual suppliers decided to sell for higher prices in Chicago instead.

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