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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The rain and the snow...

The Yankees game was rained out today. The Reds played, but it was 39F when the first pitch was thrown, and it actually snowed during the game.

The Reds lost, unfortunately. Arroyo had a pretty good night, but former Yankee Ted Lilly had a better one. The Reds also had some defensive gaffes, and some questionable use of the bullpen.

Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory threw out the first pitch opening day, and it was the worst pitch I have ever seen. Just incredibly bad. So bad, it made the national news. Even worse, the other first pitch shown on the news shows was the Yankees'. Cory Lidle's son, Christopher, threw a great pitch. He's six years old. There was much joking about how maybe he should give the mayor some tips.

But Mayor Mallory at least had a sense of humor about it. Yesterday, he released a top ten list of reasons why his pitch was so bad.

Interesting article in the NY Times today. Scientific research suggests that wealth and power make people more oblivious, while powerlessness tends to make them more cautious. I guess that would explain why so many superstar athletes are world-class jerks.

The Bats' first game is tomorrow. They're at home against the Toledo Mudhens. Game starts at 7:05pm. No lineup yet, but I think we can assume Bubba is starting, since the Bats have only three outfielders on their entire roster.

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