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Friday, April 27, 2007

Putting the Ugh in Ugly

Not a fun day in baseball land, at least for me. The Yanks lost their seventh straight game, to the despised Red Sox, no less. Mo had another awful outing, and is starting to look kind of panicky. Never seen Mo like that before. It's getting to the point where I don't even want to watch them, even though I'm usually the type who watches even if the game is hopeless.

The Reds also had a pretty bad game, against the lowly Pirates.

More details about the Denorfia trade here. Krivsky says they are getting two minor leaguers who are "almost Major League-ready." He says he didn't want to trade Deno, but Oakland really, really wanted him. They made an offer he couldn't refuse.

Poor kid was apparently blindsided. He wasn't expecting to be traded while he was on the DL. S'okay, kid, you'll get a much better opportunity in Oakland than you will behind Hamilton, Freel, Griffey, and maybe Hopper in Cincinnati.

And I have to say, two almost-ready players, plus cash, seems like a generous offer for Denorfia, all things considered. At least if the players are any good. Dunno how this will affect Bubba. I assume if they are almost ready, they'll be assigned to Louisville. If I had to bet, I'd guess they are pitchers; that's what the Reds need, and what Oakland has an oversupply of. I guess we'll find out soon.

I'm also curious about the other move John Fay reported. Another trade? Or maybe they'll call up Bellhorn. He's been hitting well, and they could use a righty bat. (Or switch-hitting bat, as the case may be.)

They announced today that Ken Griffey, Jr. has pleurisy. Griffey pinch-hit today, but he didn't look good. Maybe the rumored move is a move to the DL for Junior.

And just to top off this wonderful day, the Bats were rained out tonight. They'll play a doubleheader tomorrow to make it up. Weather permitting.

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