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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Opening Day in Louisville

It was downright balmy this morning when I left for work. I wore a light sweat jacket, unzipped, and was plenty warm. What a shock when I got out at 4pm. It had turned bitterly cold and raw. I froze my rear off, sprinting for the car.

I should have known. The weather turned cold in Cincinnati yesterday, and we always get the weather Ohio gets, only a day later. The Reds played another game in the snow today, and judging from the weather report, it's not much different in Louisville. There's a freeze warning there tonight. I hope Bubba remembered to pack some long underwear.

The lineup has been posted. Bubba is playing right field and batting fifth. Follow the game on Gameday, and/or listen it on Gameday Audio (free with registration).

Let's go, Bubba!

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