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Monday, April 30, 2007

It's not the end of the world

Pat Roberts predicted that the world would end yesterday. It appears he was wrong. (Drat! Guess I should have done my laundry after all.)

It may not be the end of the world, but it sure feels like it for Yankee fans, with the Yanks in the unaccustomed position of dead last. I'm not too worried yet - it's early - but there's a definite air of panic in Yankeeland. Fans who last season were worshipping the ground Cashman walked on are calling for his firing. (They've been calling for Torre's firing since last year's postseason.) Steinbrenner actually weighed in today, supporting both Cashman and Torre. For now.

Both the Yanks and the Reds are off today. The Bats are playing their last game in Syracuse tonight, but Bubba's still on the DL. Bubba said yesterday that it's taking him longer to heal than expected, but he's getting close, and expects to be back soon.

A-Gon was chosen the NL Player of the Week. The Red Sox dumped him for a bigger bat, but...

Lugo .256 .346 .344 .690
A-Gon .329 .372 .519 .891

Congrats, Sea Bass!

And there's a nice article about Mark Bellhorn in the St. Louis Courier-Journal called Homer who? Bellhorn is star of Bats' auction. They expected Homer Bailey's hat to bring in the big bucks, with Joey Votto the runner up. But no, Bellhorn's was far and away the most hotly contested item, bid up by Red Sox fans. Bellhorn still gets stacks of baseball cards in the mail every week, from Boston fans wanting his autograph.

I guess if you only win the World Series once every 86 years...

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