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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hat Trick

The Reds, and Yankees, and the Bats all lost yesterday. Today's gotta be better...right?

I'm not surprised the Reds lost. They struggle against lefties anyway, and yesterday's lefty was Cole Hamels. Ol' King Cole gave the Yankees fits, and they eat lefties for breakfast.

The highlight (lowlight?) of the game was a rare triple play. You really had to feel sorry for David Ross. He's really struggling at the plate. Finally he gets good wood on a ball...and it goes to exactly the wrong place.

I wasn't surprised the Yankees lost, either. Not only did they have minor leaguer Jeff Karstens up against Josh Beckett, Karstens was recovering from an injury and really should still have been rehabbing. They rushed him back out of desperation. It's amazing it wasn't worse, especially when you consider that Damon, Matsui, and Posada were all out injured.

As for the Bats...I'm not surprised they lost, either. Obviously, they just aren't the same team without Bubba!

Alas, Bubba is not back in the lineup yet. I assume it's the shoulder soreness again. I hope there's nothing seriously wrong.

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