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Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

April 13, 2007: Norfolk Tide 4, Louisville Bats 2

Ugh. Friday the 13th was certainly unlucky for the Bats. They led most of the game, but Norfolk scored three runs in the bottom of the 8th for the win.

Bubba did not have a good night at the plate. I'd blame the lefthander on the mound, but no one else hit much, either. Herr got a home run, and the long-suffering Snyder, batting .000 until tonight, went 2 for 3. No one else got a hit.

Bubba, in the two-hole, came to the plate in the 1st. Hopper was on 1B via a HBP. Bubba bunted the first pitch he saw. It was apparently a pretty good bunt; he almost beat it out. It successfully moved Hopper to 2B. (Hopper would later score on the Herr home run.)

Bubba's next at-bat was in the 3rd. One out, Hopper once again on 1B via an error. Called strike, ball, called strike, foul...then a grounder to SS. Arrghh. Inning-ending double play. Bubba usually avoids those, because of his speed. It was not his night.

He led off in the 6th. Called strike, ball, called strike, foul, then another groundout. He hit it well, but hit the pitcher's glove and slowed down enough for the second baseman to get it.

His last at-bat was in the 8th. Two outs, none on. He watched one ball go by, then grounded out to 2B.

Man, I hate games like this. Losing is bad enough, but holding a lead for most of the game, only to cough it up at the end of the game...not fun.

They play again tomorrow night. Homer Bailey is supposed to start. There's an afternoon game scheduled for Sunday, but it will probably be rained out. I guess the nor'easter expected Monday in NY will be in Norfolk Sunday.

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