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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bubba wins it - again!

April 9, 2007: Louisville Bats 1, Columbus Clippers 0

Bubba made the front page of the Bats Web site, too! They apparently didn't have a photographer at the game, so they Photoshopped something.

They also have an MP3 of Bubba's game-winning hit.

Great pitchers' duel. The Bats were being no-hit until the bottom of the 9th, but ended up winning anyway.

1st: One out, none on. Bubba watched a ball go by, then swung on the second pitch, hitting a bouncing grounder to 2B.

4th: Bubba led off, so it was none on, no outs. Called strike, ball, foul, then a swinging strike. Arrgh. This Fruto guy was just mowing down the Bats.

7th: Well, Fruto was finally gone. Only now there was a lefty on the mound: Mike Bacsik. Bubba leading off again. Called strike, then a liner down the right field line...just foul. Another foul, then a grounder to SS. Bubba was "screaming down the line," but the throw just beat him. The announcers said it was the closest thing to a hit all night.

9th: The game was still scoreless. Lefty Bacsik still on the mound. Machado struck out, then Herr pinch-hit for the pitcher, Wilkerson. Herr had a terrific at-bat, seeing eight pitches before hitting a double to center. Godwin grounded out, but successfully moved Herr to 3B.

So Bubba came to the plate with a runner on third, two outs. Bacsik kept missing low and outside. Ball, ball, ball - then a called strike Bubba thought was outside. The next pitch was a fastball down broadway, and Bubba smacked a line drive to right. His bat broke, but he hit it hard enough to score Godwin. A walkoff single for Bubba!

It was his second walkoff hit in five days. And once again, it was chosen the Big Boy Big Play of the Game.

Bubba's line for the night: 1 for 4 with an RBI. He's hitting .211 / .318 / .526 / .844.

Bubba said he was expecting to see a lot of breaking balls, because that's what Bacsik got him out with in the 7th inning. He wasn't expecting to see the fastball, but he took full advantage of it when he got it. Bubba also credited Herr for lifting everyone's confidence with his great at-bat.

Bubba is not in the lineup tonight. Maybe they decided to give him a day off for a job well done. They're playing by NL rules again, so he might be subbed in later. Obviously, he's the guy to call when you need a walkoff hit!

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