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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bubba on the 7-day DL

I never knew this, but the minors have a 7-day DL, not a 15-day DL. So if they made it retroactive to his last game, Bubba could be back as soon as Friday, April 27. Doesn't mean he will be back that soon, of course, but he could be.

The Yankees called up Phil Hughes today. Yes, even though they said they wouldn't. They're desperate. To make room on the roster, Kevin Thompson was sent down. A lot of people were hoping it would be Melky. The kid needs to play regularly.

I must say...I was expecting Melky to drop back a bit this year, but not this much. He's been really awful. Even when he played every day in spring training, he was terrible. Feeling the pressure, maybe, in a way he didn't last year.

John Fay was expecting the Reds to make a move yesterday, after their terrible homestand, but they did not. There really isn't anyone in Louisville that can help right now. It's uncanny, how the Bats are mirroring both the strengths and weaknesses of the big club. Good starting pitching, bad bullpen, poor hitting, porous infield defense, too many lefty outfielders.

Reds fans are talking about an item published three weeks ago in notorious baseball gossip blog, On the DL. Not sure why they're talking about it now; maybe they just noticed it. It's an item about a young player with a substance abuse problem who has fallen off the wagon. Everyone seems to think it's Josh Hamilton. Yeek, I hope not.

And the bidding for Bubba's hat is really heating up. It has nine bids, and is up to $130.01.

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