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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bubba Crosby Groupies

Last August, when Bubba was a Clipper, I listened to a Clippers-Bats game where the announcers talked about "Val the Bubba Crosby groupie." She was a former Bats intern, now with the D-Rays, who was a fan of Bubba's. She wanted them to get her an autographed ball, but they refused, saying it was against the rules.

Saturday they mentioned her again, saying she had a Reds batting helmet autographed by Bubba in her office in Tampa.

I had been wondering if she ever got her autograph, so I was glad to hear that story. I wanted to drop them a line saying so, but didn't catch the e-mail address. I wrote it down when they read it on the air yesterday, though, and sent this e-mail to

Hey, thanks for the update on "Val the Bubba Crosby groupie" the other day. I remember you mentioned her last year during a broadcast. The Clippers were in town, and you refused to get Bubba to autograph a ball for her.

Nice to hear she got her autograph anyway! :-)

I didn't really expect them to read it on the air. I'm still not used to these small-market teams, I guess.

The funniest part was when they spontaneously started talking about Trent:

You know who's a big fan of Bubba? C. Trent.

Oh, yes! Yes.

Up in Cincinnati. During spring training, following his Cincinnati Post blog. The beat writer for the Cincinnati Post for the Reds. He was a big fan of Bubba.

Poor Trent. Honestly, I don't think he's really a big fan of Bubba's. He's just humoring me, loyal reader and rabid Bubba groupie. And maybe making fun of me a little. But now everyone thinks he's one of the Bubba groupies.

Oh, and it sounds like it was someone with the Bats or Reds who got Val her autograph.

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