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Friday, March 23, 2007


The photo is from this ESPN article about Ken Griffey, Jr. I'm pretty sure that's Bubba standing next to Junior. The ears are pretty distinctive.

The Reds are playing Tampa tonight. I'm not sure if Bubba went along on the trip. It sounds like he's not quite 100%. Narron was apparently willing to start him yesterday, but he wasn't ready to play. Bubba did pinch-hit yesterday, but a lot of players do that before they're ready to play defense.

While most seem to think the 25th roster spot will go to a right-handed batter, Doc Scott thinks Bubba will win the spot, simply because he's out of options and Deno and Hopper aren't.

Me, I don't know what to think. Four lefty outfielders, in a righty-friendly park? OTOH, they may need all the outfielders they can get. Their outfield is pretty injury-prone.

Swiped this pic from SI:

Yes, they actually have a photo of Bubba on their Reds page.

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