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Friday, March 30, 2007

Rosters nailed down

Spring training is winding down, and teams have until 3pm Sunday to get their active rosters down to 25 players. Most of the decisions appear to be made, for both the Yankees and the Reds.

Trent reports that third catcher Chad Moeller will get the last roster spot in Cincinnati. I was expecting that. I was expecting it even before Hopper and Deno got hurt. Deno, Hopper - and Bubba - never really had a chance with Hamilton in the picture. A lot of teams carry only four outfielders; no way were the Reds going to carry six.

And the Yankees have announced some roster moves as well. Carl Pavano will be the opening day starter. (Who'd have thunk it last season?) Rule 5 pick Josh Phelps has won the 1B spot over Andy Phillips.

Andy was classy as always at being cut. I haven't heard what he's planning to do, if he's cleared waivers, etc. Phelps over Phillips was the obvious choice. (I'm surprised the Orioles didn't protect Phelps, because they were planning to use him.) Heck, I thought Andy should have been cut before Bubba last season. Aside from a brief hot streak when he hit like crazy, he was dead weight on the roster. Below average on defense, not a very good hitter, slow on the basepaths and a poor base runner. Bubba was at least a defensive upgrade and excellent pinch-runner, even if the Yanks didn't trust his bat.

But I always liked Andy. He seemed like a really nice guy. I wanted him to do well; he just never did. I hope he latches on with another team. Maybe one that can fix that hole in his swing.

No double-header for Bubba today. The Bats and the Reds play at the same time (the Bats on the road), so unless he's been cloned, he can't play in both games. Dunno which game he'll play in.

UPDATE: I guess Bubba's with the Reds today. He just entered the game, pinch-running for Dunn.

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posted by BubbaFan, 12:31 PM


I respectfully disagree. They made the wrong choice, and it's probably going to cost them like other recent idiotic moves... The Yanks already had an all slugger / shotty defense guy in Giambi, and they now have a no-anthing-at-the-plate / mega-defense guy in Mientkiewicz. As the best all around option, and BY FAR the classiest individual, Andy Phillips will be missed, not forgetting he was also a very good 3rd baseman (better than you know who).

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, March 31, 2007 12:34 AM  
The choice wasn't Andy or Minky. It was Andy or Josh Phelps. And Phelps has played well enough that he may take Minky's job from him. They're already talking about it. Add to that that Phelps is a Rule 5 pick, and has to be carried on the 25-man roster all season or given back to the Orioles, and the choice is obvious.

Honestly, I think the reason they signed Minky was that they wanted A-Rod to have a friend in the clubhouse. A-Rod and Minky have been friends since they were kids. They said they wanted a righty bat. Minky bats left. It made no sense.

As for Andy...IMO, his problem is that he's a tweener. He started out as a SS in college, but was moved down the defensive spectrum as a pro because his glove was not that good. He admits it himself. That's how he landed at 1B. The problem there is 1B is the last stop before DH. It's where the Giambis and Big Papis play. Andy's defense is acceptable at 1B, but his bat falls short.

Still, I think he could be a decent backup, especially if he fixes the hole in his swing. He hit really well at first, but then the other teams starting scouting him, and his average fell. That's common with young players (happened with Robby and Melky, too). He needs to adjust in turn.

In particular...his left/right splits were reversed last season. That is not typical for him, and if he hit lefties as well as projected, he'd have had a very respectable average. I think the scouting reports must say for lefties to pitch him high and outside. Seems like he struck out a lot on that pitch. He needs to learn to hit it, and I think he can.

In any case, the Yankees have not lost him yet. He cleared waivers and will start the season in Scranton/Wilkes Barre. He could be called up if they need an infielder. Or he could be traded to a team where he'll have a better opportunity.

I wish him the best; as you say, he's always been a class act.

And he has possibly the best singing voice in baseball. He can not only back up almost any infield position, he can back up the "Star Spangled Banner" singer, too!
commented by Blogger BubbaFan, March 31, 2007 6:49 AM  

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