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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cardboard Crosby: Bowman Rookie 1999

Since Bubba's not playing (sigh), here's another scan from my collection of Bubba baseball cards. The date on the card is 1999, but the photo and information is from 1998, Bubba's rookie year.

One of the fun things about this card is the signature. It reads Richard S. Crosby, not Bubba Crosby, as he would later sign his cards.

And here's the back:

The back has a little scouting report. It says:

RESUME: Debuted in 1998 at San Bernardino (A)... Started 15-for-102, then hit .289 the rest of the way... Had .394-25-91 numbers in 58 games as college junior... Set Rice records with a 30-G hitting streak and HRs in seven straight contests... Tied another with a 4-HR game.

SKILLS: All tools rate above average... Not tall, but has muscular body... Ideal bat speed... Tenacious competitor.

UP CLOSE: Not yet a polished runner, but gets to first base in a swift 4.05 seconds.

Four home runs in one game, eh? Would be fun to see him do that again. Actually, I've been waiting for one of his patented inside-the-park home runs. Seems like he usually gets one of those in spring training...

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