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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Barely Out Of Tuesday

Off day for the Reds today - the only one of spring training.

Looks like Bubba won't be playing in the Minnesota game tomorrow. Trent was kind enough to drop by to let us know Bubba's not on the travel roster. It's not too late for them to change it, I guess, but I suspect they decided to rest him another day. Hopefully he'll be back for Thursday's game against the Yanks.

Reds Mailbag takes on the roster question. Mark Sheldon thinks Chad Moeller and Josh Hamilton will make the roster instead of Bubba. But he does think Bubba has a chance:

If Griffey does begin the season on the DL because of his hand, Bubba Crosby or Norris Hopper will get the final outfield spot.

I imagine that eyebrows are going up because I have three catchers listed and I'm probably going out on a limb. I did that because I think if the Reds want Valentin as their the top pinch-hitting option from the left side, they'd want catching protection. I also believe they signed Moeller to be on the big-league team in the long run, and not for depth in the Minors.

Clearly, if they like other lefty pinch-hitting options beyond Valentin (Hamilton and/or Bubba Crosby perhaps), then Moeller would be out.

Curious that none of the reporters seem to think Denorfia has much of a chance.

Meanwhile, it seems the Twins are seriously considering making Sidney Ponson their 5th starter. Good gravy.

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