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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

19 Games Left

Five players cut yesterday, 50 players left, 19 spring training games to go.

Cincinnati Enquirer beat reporter John Fay has posted a projected roster at his Reds Insider blog. He sees the Reds carrying 12 pitchers, only 2 catchers, and five outfielders, including Bubba. (He counts Conine as an infielder.)

Trent, the Cincinnati Post beat reporter, doesn't venture a guess as to who will win the last two or three roster spots, but he does think Bubba has a good chance. He didn't mention Bubba in the article he wrote about the roster, but when asked about it in his blog, he said it was just an oversight:

I totally forgot Bubba, who is certainly in that mix and with Keppinger hurt, may be one of the leaders. Especially since Denorfia and Hopper have options.

And just from scanning the Reds blogs and message boards...Bubba does seem to have won over a lot of the fans with his solid play. Keep it up, kid!

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