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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This and that

Well, Da Bears went down in flames. So much for my prognosticating. I thought Chicago would have the advantage in the wet, sloppy conditions, seeing as Indy plays in a dome. But aside from that early runback for a TD, the Bears didn't put up much of a fight.

It was a dud as Super Bowls go. Vinatieri actually missed a chip shot (shocking, but true), but it didn't matter. The weather was a downer; part of the fun of the Super Bowl is usually the warm, sunny climate. This time, we got drenching rain. Even the commercials were a disappointment; I think this year was the worst showing for Super Bowl ads that I can remember. (And why is trying to sell me Super Bowl stuff?)

At least Manning did finally win the big one and get the jewelry. He doesn't have to move to A-Rod's neighborhood after all.

Speaking of A-Rod...he's at the center of a media ruckus again. Apparently, what was supposed to be a nice children's book signing turned into a circus.

ESPN lays out the possible futures for A-Rod. Me, I wonder if he'll still be playing in 2013. He did once say he might retire at age 35, and I could see him doing it. He doesn't seem to enjoy playing baseball, nor does he have the kind of tight friendships with teammates that keep Bernie hanging around.

Bernie is still considering the Yanks' spring training invite. Sounds like Boras is still trying to get Bernie a Major League deal. He's also hinting that Bernie might sign elsewhere if the Yanks don't come through.

The article also quotes Jeter as saying he thinks Clemens will pitch this year, maybe for NY. (Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Miguel Cairo are already working out in Tampa.)

The final report on the Cory Lidle crash was released earlier this week. Looks like Lidle's legacy will be permanent flight restrictions over the East River.

The Post ran this interview with Joe Girardi a few days ago. They think he might step in when Torre retires.

And there's this article (scroll down to the bottom):

The Yankees are not seeking to enter discussions about extending Mariano Rivera's contract during spring training, according to a person familiar with the situation. In November, Rivera, 37, expressed hope "the Yankees will do the right thing," and extend his contract, which runs out after this season.

Ye gods and little fishies. The Yanks wouldn't let Mo go, would they?

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