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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

This and That

So, how about them Gators? I have to admit, I thought Michigan should have played Ohio State for the championship. But the BCS computer proved right in the end. Michigan didn't deserve to play in the Fiesta Bowl. Florida did.

I don't know what's worse, being blown out by a team you were supposed to easily beat, or just barely losing, as the Cowboys did against Seattle. Poor Tony Romo. He lost the game, not as quarterback, but as holder. I had a really bad feeling about that field goal kick, but I thought it would be the long snapper or Grammatica who would screw up, not Romo.

Back to baseball...Bucco Blog thinks the reason the Melky-for-Gonzo trade fell through was that Melky wasn't playing that well in winterball.

Then came the Yankees/Braves/Pirates swap'ola while Cabrera was playing winter ball in the Dominican Republic. While Melky saw a vast improvement in his strike zone judgment and ran better routes in the OF, he didn't show any power at the plate which refueled everyone's speculation that he simply doesn't have MLB corner OF stamped on him for a good team and will never run good enough routes to play adequate CF.

Interesting if true. Melky got off to a slow start with the Águilas Cibaeñas, but he ended up with respectable numbers, including SLG.

I still think Gonzo may be coming to the Bronx. An old rumor has resurfaced this week: that Ian Kennedy will be part of the trade. He was just drafted last year, so any deal involving him can't be done until after January 15 or thereabouts. Stay tuned.


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