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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sayonara, Ralph Malph

Aaron Guiel leaves for Japan this Sunday:

Guiel looking forward to his baseball adventure in Japan

He's not getting paid all that much, but he says he's not doing this because he didn't have any other options. It's something he planned to do: end his career in Japan. Now that he's played with the Yankees, he feels he's done all he can in MLB. He wants some stability now, and Japan can give him that.

Best of luck to ya, Ralph Malph.

And while we're talking about former Yankees...Shawn Chacon has apparently decided not to have surgery on his knee after all. Dejan Kovacevic likes Chacon, and thinks his knee is the reason he didn't pitch well last season.

And Carlos Pena is signing with the Devil Rays.

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