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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Wright Stuff

August 6, 2006: N.Y. Yankees 6, Baltimore 1

Jaret Wright looked laborious, as usual, but pitched well enough for the win. The Yanks hit four homers off the hapless Lopez, which would be more than enough.

It was a hard game for a Bubba fan to watch, though. Bernie started in CF, going 0 for 4 and allowing at least one single to become an easy double. (Even Paul O'Neill commented on it.) You couldn't help thinking Bubba would have done better.

Andy Phillips came in as a pinch-runner for Giambi, and had a horrible day. He got caught stealing when he should have been safe by a mile, because of a very poor slide. Then he earned his sixth error of the season, with a bad throw to Proctor at 1B. (One more, and he'll have caught up with Giambi.) On top of that, he flied out on his only at bat.

I know I wasn't the only fan thinking, "For this we DFA'd Bubba Crosby?" At least Bubba is solid on defense and a decent baserunner. I really think Andy will be of limited use now that we have Craig Wilson.

Then there were the casual fans who didn't know Bubba was no longer with the team. They wondered why Bernie was playing CF instead of Bubba, or expected Bubba to come in as a defensive replacement. When they asked, "Where's Bubba?" I had to tell them that he was likely home in Texas. Maybe standing in line at the Breakfast Klub for some Wings & Waffles...

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